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Lots of Spanking - Many Formats
What formats are these spanking movies available in?

Movies are all in the following Formats WMV both an SD Version and HD Version. AVI version which can be played using DivX player or WMV player. RealMedia format. Mov for Macs and MP4 formats for portable movie players such as IPOD. Each movie is also broadcast streamed using Flashplayer (FLV) format.

I can see a movie format for movie player software that I do not currently have, where can I get the necessary player.

Here are the formats available - Click the required format to download the required player:-
ipod player
DivX Player
Real Player
QuickTime Player
Flash Player
Windows Media Player
Once you have installed the necessary player and followed the instructions you will then be able to play your downloaded content within that player.
Can I play the movies online?
The only format that plays effectively online, because of the size and lengths of the movies is the Flash Movies, these are already preloaded and all you have to do is click the flashplayer, sit back and watch your screen. For all the other formats we recommend you download to your hard drive, (click the image and save target as...). Then open the chosen movie and play it in your preferred player.
How often are movies added to the catalogue?

Movies are added regularly to the Movie Download Area, to ensure that customers can enjoy a varied and interesting selection of titles.

It’s not working?

In the rare event that something is not working for you don’t panic. Any issues whatsoever just email our Tech Support Team direct to Give us 24 hours to check out your problem and send you a solution. Send us as much information as possible to give us every chance of a speedy solution.

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